Evangelos got his MA in Philosophy from the School of Philosophy of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Almost always Studying any science, especially a life science and especially Philosophy is a committed but REWARDING journey offering experience, knowledge, perception advancement and mind-opening opportunities.

Throughout his studies, Evangelos shared a few thoughts about some common Philosophical topics.

These documents are available in Greek.



4 thoughts on “PHILOSOPHY”

  1. Dear Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis,

    I am an intellectual and transhumanist with a general intelligence of 1/100,000 (non-regression to the mean) and plan to become a Gentleman, Polymath in the Sciences, Polyglot (English, Spanish, Latin, Greek, French, Chinese and Russian — I only know English and very little Spanish right now), and a Tycoon. Have you heard of Transhumanism and Nick Bostrom? That is the sort of philosophy you should be studying on your off hours in my opinion. Right now I am studying computer science and plan on transfering to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a couple years.

  2. I love to study the same thing yet I don’t think the subject will fit me. Upon reading you site, I discovered things about philosophy and those stuffs were new to me. I want to read more from your post. Your site serves as a good reference to learn philosophy.

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