Evangelos completed a scenario proposal in Greek under the name in 2008.

It is the story of 6 young medical graduates, who meet in the greek island of Corfu, where they were appointed to have their primary medical practice following their graduation. Professional concerns, personal affairs, experimentations and interactions with each other and with the local people make their lives interesting and exciting. Unexpected incidents and the accidental apocalypse of an old island secret make their experience an unforgettable, life changing period for all of them..

A short description of “” in greek is available to download:

TI PEI; (2009)

Evangelos Katsioulis completed a scenario proposal in Greek under the name TI PEI; in 2009.

It is a comic projection of the current everyday life in Athens of the Classic Age. The story characters live and behave similarly with the modern Greeks. Presented situations and life conditions in the ancient Athens setting refer to our modern times. The ancient Greek Gods interfere with humans lives.

The transference of the current modern life style and conditions to the ancient Greece setting attempts initially to present the funny side of our current reality in addition to the exploration of any alternative life choices.

A short description of “TI PEI;” in Greek is available to download:



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