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So, let’s go!

The question that puzzles me is:
Why have we allowed, permitted or given a few, measured and specific people so much power that they can willfully or unintentionally, consciously or irresponsibly, do harm to many of us and even all of us?

Why, even at this moment, do we still allow some specific people in some specific positions with some specific roles who have the ability at any time to influence our lives in any way they want to or even destroy our lives?

How have we allowed things to evolve, what intermediate steps have we consented to, so that today someone at the push of a button, and in other cases because they didn’t push a button, can destroy many, if not all?

Why should some leaders of states, some position holders afford to not appreciate, to play around with, to deceive, to corrupt, even to destroy everything that people have been trying to build for millennia?

Why do we allow such uncontrolled by us absolute centralization of power?

And why is the bearer of such great power not controlled?

We are told that we live in a democratic constitution, and in most cases in a representative democratic constitution. Which is this democratic constitution that we live in, when our voices are not heard? Democracy, which is revolutionarily proposed centuries ago by some ancient Greeks, was characterized and built on the grounds that the voices of the citizens were heard.

Which voice is heard today? No matter what one says, no matter how much one shouts, do-gooders appear to disguise the voice, to cover up the position, to smear whoever is speaking, as if who is speaking is more important than what they say, to redirect public opinion and to entertain impressions.

Given the internet, given the social networks, given the trendy hashtags of liberating and informing people about everything, are we all living a vital lie, an illusion of expression and freedom, a liberating lack of freedom of expression and participation in the public sphere?

And if you are one of those few who want to find and understand why, just think about who benefits from such a situation and management.

That person is probably not you and me. The only ones who benefit from such an unfair and, for many, damning imbalance of power and influence are the centers of power, economically first and foremost, politically and socially. They were, are and will be those few ones, who can and do much only for the few ones, and especially for themselves, and who do just a little for the many more others beyond themselves. They are the ones who are almost always present, applauding and presiding in the sharing of every pie, and almost always absent in the sharing of every responsibility.

And you know what? The problem is not just that these few want it that way and do it that way by exploiting a system, political in most cases, that they themselves created to primarily serve themselves. It is that they themselves present whatever they want, however they want, whenever they want it, and demand that everyone else across and around them to be convinced by what they say.

As if no one else beyond them can see what is going on, no one else can think, and no one else can understand that they themselves are not served by such a system. As if everyone else besides them is mindless, stupid or even naive.

Representative democracy doesn’t work. And it doesn’t work because we don’t have democracy and we don’t have representation. When was the last time your opinion was heard? When was the last time you influenced any decisions or developments?

Democracy is not the state system, which we remember once every 4 years, because we are bombarded with whatever “inexorable” consequences of the law if we don’t live up to our “mandatory” right to vote.

Let’s not forget that if most people do not consent to vote, the election results can be considered invalid or even null and void. And in such a case, who will lose the pie? Me and you or those few, the known and the self-selected?

That’s all for now and for today. I don’t really expect anything to change now with what I’ve said, though I won’t give up hope. After all, I didn’t publish these words to cause an immediate change right now. I presented some thoughts because I wanted to be in a position to say to myself that I managed to express myself disclosing my thoughts.

I look forward to your comments. So let’s get to know each other and see who’s who.

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The 11th commandment

by Evan Cat


In Your Own Words

  • Απόδημη Αγγελική says:

    Επι του πρακτέου, ας διαθέσουν κάποιες σκεφτόμενες σαν και εσάς προσωπικότητες τον εαυτό τους στα κοινά ώστε άνθρωποι με κοινές ανησυχίες και προβληματισμούς να έχουν την δυνατότητα να στηρίξουν με την ψήφο τους. Γιατί η μεταρρύθμιση χρειάζεται εκπρόσωπο με υγιή κοινωνική αντίληψη, όραμα και ηθικές αξίες.

    • Evan Cat says:

      Σε ευχαριστώ, Αγγελική, για τα σχόλια και την πρόταση.
      Νομίζω πως κυρίως πάσχει η γενική αίσθηση για τα κοινά, το νόημα και η πίστη στη σκοπιμότητα ύπαρξης και λειτουργίας της κοινωνίας και ναι, ακολούθως μπορεί να λείπουν και τα πρόσωπα αναφοράς

  • Thomas Wolf says:

    I share the feeling that the actions of those in power are becoming more and more arbitrary or even insane, and there is less and less what can be done against it. Opposing voices are suppressed and the media have long lost their independence. Worldwide, and also in practically all democratic states.

    However, are the rulers really the only ones at fault? Would a more direct democracy help? Honestly, I don’t think so. As long as there are elections, a majority of reasonable people could at least still remove bad leaders and change something. But it doesn’t happen. I think, the truth – as uncomfortable as it is – lies in the majority of people NOT being reasonable.

    So many people, yes, a majority, are still caught in false conclusions and magical thinking. They are easily afraid of ghosts, far too quick to believe what they are told, and ready to act very strongly in very wrong ways.

    Technologically, we evolved so much from our ancestors who burned witches, tortured their neighbours just because they were declared “enemies”, blindly believed in books and stories and teachings that never made any shred of sense even within themselves. Socially, we evolved just a little, gave ourselves basic rights and laws, but still often fail to follow through with them and turn back to the wasy way of just going with the crowd. Psychologically, however, I believe (but you are the expert on this, not me…) humankind evolved not at all. The majority of people still don’t doubt, don’t ask questions, don’t think for themselves.

    Unfortunately, my views on this are neither comforting nor positive. And I don’t have a solution to offer either. I can only provide you with the small comforting thought that you are not alone in sensing the current negative development.

    • Evan Cat says:

      Dear Thomas,
      Thank you for your thoughtful comments.
      It is an undeniable truth that we live in the age of information and in many cases conflict of information. Technology may well serve us suggesting more aspects of what truth may be, but it becomes quite a challenge to filter out what is indeed going on. Not a few feel insecure and exposed to any kind of everyday threats. And there come some self-proclaimed saviors to offer their absolute solutions to anyone’s problems in exchange with people’s unconditional consent, their blind obedience and in most cases their poor to absent judgement. People got used to such an exchange and that is what I fear the most.
      Anyway, thank you and may I suggest we keep in touch.

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