2023 06 14 - Shipwreck in Pylos, Greece. Evan Cat, Your Best Life Coach


I was shocked by a shipwreck that happened a couple of days ago here next to me, next to us in Greece, in the Mediterranean, with 500 people missing, including 100 children.

It was an almost rotten ship carrying migrants from a homeland they no longer had to any new homeland they might try to find. The news is talking about an almost planned, pre-scheduled sinking of the ship by the migrant smugglers and my question is why?

Why is it that some people, whoever they are, can be the ones in charge of who gets to live?

Why has human life come to be something that is tradeable, exploitable and cheap?

Why have we reached the point where people are too many, and may have no place among other people or are no longer needed for society?

Who may take any decision about who dies and who gets a chance at life?

Who has so much power that such a power vanishes any value that any human life has?

How have societies been shaped, to whom have we all given that much power, and why is the loss of even one of our fellow human beings may stand as nothing more than another headline in the news for a couple of days?

Why is it that all the given development and progress of our culture today ends up devaluing the importance of the lives of many or even every single of us?

What are the principles by which we live and societies operate, in which the loss of a human being is nothing more than a few second spots on the news?

Could that lost person be just that? Could they be another one among many, who, even if they are gone, they will not be missed?

Have we, humans, become so many that it no longer matters if some of us leave this mundane world a little too soon, a little too unexpectedly, and a lot too wildly out of time?

If human life is not important, what is? Money? The geopolitical dynamics and facts of any national formation? The interests of a weapons manufacturing industry? The interests of every other local or multinational corporation? The defense budgets of nations?

You’ve probably noticed this yourself, but it’s worth mentioning one more time. We, people, do not miss the opportunity to segment society, to intercept social cohesion and to follow and belong into specialized groups.

We may find every possible or even unlikely reason to split into subgroups. Such special reasons have been and at a level still are our skin color, our gender, our language, our religion, our political preference, our sexual orientation, our favorite sports team, our favorite habits and even our strictly self-interested financial interests.

The reasons for such a fragmented disposition can be many.

It may be a lack of social education to begin with, especially if we have never been taught or shown the benefits of pursuing the prosperity of the society as a whole within which we seek to prosper.

But it may also be our toxic, over-inflated egos, which demand from us and command us to act for ourselves without considering either who we have around us or what is good for all of us.

Such egos only ask us to pursue what we think is good for us alone.

If you are tired of being passive and submissive with the people around you, if you want to clarify choices and be satisfied with your relationships with people, take the first step now.

And if we take it a step further, sometimes it may be hard for one of us to make their life fine, so they may be rather into ruining the life of the person next to them.

You’re going to ask me now why they would do that. And yet the reason is simple. If someone doesn’t want to or can’t try to live fine themselves, they may simply try to spoil the life of the person next to them, so that they feel that they themselves are living better than the person next to them.

I will not tire of repeating that I feel there is a pervasive apathy of human life. As if each of our lives has no value or has lost its value.

If you want to improve all the choices people make, all the relationships you have with them, start here.

People are easily and quickly lost for any reason and in any way. And especially today, we are learning much more, much faster and much easier about everything, even about such losses.

Especially in this day and age, there is a strong sense that each of us is just another entry, another registration, another profile for the society to which we belong.

Today we are all registered as entries in the corresponding systems, in professional, financial, fiscal and social terms.

Each of us now seems to be no more than another entry in the system, that we belong. You may already be familiar with the entry we all have, in the financial system, with our credit profile and score, limits, accounts and cards.

Everyone, too, has one, associated with the first, unique entry as an enrollee in the social and tax system of the state where they belong.

No longer are we John, Mary and Evan. We are specific entries in a system that can function with or without us. And as entries, no one may miss us if we are missed.

Many already state that we are already many. Some of those many may have the power to diminish us.

And if you ask me why they would do that, the answer may be very simple. Because both they can do it and because, if they do so, they may feel more powerful simply because they did it.

Because in their own eyes they seem stronger as perpetrators than the others who became their victims.

Another point of view is that we may have become more than we should in order to be manageable. And that may bother the ones, who have the power to interfere with who lives and who doesn’t.

In our time, geopolitical bargaining is intense. Energy and natural resources are at the heart of the demands of powerful interests. And in the process of claiming the major interest, a few may not hesitate to sacrifice people, many people.

They do not hesitate to interfere with nations, to destabilize societies, to drive people and families away from their homes, to frighten us, to threaten us, to manipulate some or all of us. And to decide which of us will live and under which conditions.

Taking a step beyond someones’ clear and strong intention to terrorize us, the value of human life is far greater and far more important than what few terrorizing people may think so.

Our life is a gift given to us by certain people. They gave us that gift and gave us a chance. Because our life is only a chance. A chance to live what we want to live. It may be nothing more, but it’s certainly nothing less.

Take your chance to learn and train yourself on how to improve your management and choices here and now.

And it is up to us alone to make the most of this gift. Only we can understand and appreciate the value that our life has for us.

Only we can protect ourselves from anything and anyone who threatens us in any way. Only we can direct ourselves through our lives to claim what we want.

It is indeed a particularly unfortunate occasion, the reason to write these thoughts, but I hope that they may help at least a bit some of you in your quest for happiness.

Your comments are most welcome.
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