Brilliance is difficult to define. However, in Evangelos Katsioulis’ case, it is pretty clear-cut. After all, Katsioulis has proven his intelligence over and over in multiple IQ tests, and with an IQ of 258 on the Cattell scale, he possesses the world’s highest measured IQ.


In addition to his incredibly high IQ, Evangelos’ intelligence has also expressed itself in his work as a doctor. He has written several books and research articles – particularly regarding medicine and psychiatry.


Looking at the statistics, it is estimated that an IQ score at Katsioulis’ level is only found in one out of every 38 billion people. It may take centuries, perhaps even millennia, before the world will see an equivalent IQ.


Evangelos grew up with his family in the Greek city Ioaninna. In the Katsioulis household his mother was the family chef. One of her specialities was an apple pie. A pie which was, and still is, a favourite of Evangelos’.


Publisher: Ankarsrum: Genius recipes
Date: 2018/10/10
Language: English
Type of reference: Reference
External link: Evangelos Katsioulis’ blue ribbon apple pie (Ankarsrum: Genius recipes)



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