Subject: 10 Things You Need To Know As Asian Markets Open. Dr Katsioulis achieved a recorded IQ 198 and he is reported having one of the highest adult IQ scores.

Publisher: Business Insider Australia
Author: Peter Farquhar
Date: 2014/11/06
Location: Australia
Language: English
Reference type: Reportage / Listing
External reference link: 10 Things You Need To Know As Asian Markets Open

9. The world’s second smartest man. There’s actually a thing called The World Genius Directory, which lists all the world’s top minds based on IQ tests. Rick Rosner is second on that list (right after first!) Rosner is writing his memoir “Dumbass Genius”, detailing his life as a stripper, roller-skater waiter and bouncer, and he told BI what really makes him feel dumb. For the record, the top mind belongs to Dr Evangelos Katsioulis, Greece, and the highest Australian is Tim Roberts (18th, IQ 178).

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