10 Smartest Living People on Earth

From a man that taught himself mathematics at the age of 3, to another who beat a computer in a game of chess! We take look at 10 of the smartest living people on earth!

1. Garry Kasparov (adult IQ 190)
2. Christopher Langan (estimated adult IQ 195 – 210)
3. Edward Witten
4. Richard Rossner (adult IQ 198)
5. Ruth Lawrence
6. Evangelos Katsioulis (adult IQ 205)
7. Terence Tao (child IQ 230)
8. Stephen Hawking
9. Christopher Hirata (child IQ 225)
10. Judit Polgár

Publisher: Wacky Wednesday
Date: 2015/12/17
Language: English
Reference type: Listing
External video link: 10 Smartest Living People on Earth (YouTube)



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