Welcome to Evangelos Katsioulis’ blog-based online reference!

Evangelos is a Greek Medical Doctor spec. in Psychiatry. He is an active member in several IQ societies and the founder of an IQ organization and three high IQ societies. In addition to his medicine studies, he was challenged to study philosophy too.

This online reference serves as an open access non professional curriculum vitae for Evangelos.

Enjoy your time browsing these pages!

11 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Evangelos, hi nice to see you are having a fulfilling time in Greece .
    Nice working with you at chelsea and westminster hospital.
    more greece sorry grease to your elbow!

  2. Greetings Evangelos, and many thanks for the invitation. The site is interesting and I look forward to engaging with it only be patient with this new patron. I am an irreverent. My sense of humour and view is often at odds with the establishment but is well meant. My hope is to try and offer the alternative position to broaden prospect, scope and conversation. Should be fine, this site seems to be all about that. Once again I thank you.

  3. I have a particular interest in certain topics since I regained consciousness, September 6, 2008, after a massive hemorrhagic stroke. Gratefully, I continue to heal. The stroke and its manifold consequences continue to transform my life, and specifically my consciousness. I look forward to reading through your blog-based online reference! Thank you.

  4. Cool questions, EK. (“1. is such a research a first step, which advances anyone’s awareness of his fate inclu[d]ing bits and pieces from his future medical situation? 2. Are humans supposed to know their biological background in such details and [2.1] why? 3. Is this process beneficial or not?”)

    1. Yes. Fate, however, being a statistical composite?
    2. Yes.
    2.1 Hopefully we learn from superior technology.
    3. It is only as beneficial as it is applied ethically.

    Was knowledge of nuclear power, internal combustion, electricity, farming, pharmacology, television, written word, internet “beneficial”? This is not correct question. Only one question – what is good ethics?

    People can imagine all the little complicated dreams they want, sprouting fantastic fountains of clever knowledge and intricacies, but stupid is as stupid does and you need only look around to see where most people mistakenly place their priorities.

  5. Wow! Evangelos sure is a talented person to be able to know so many things. Even if i am not on the medical field made me learn so many things about psychiatry. Thanks!

  6. That’s a great question Alexander. What does it take to have a great IQ? Reading – Studying – or by learning while you are doing?

    I am always wanting to improve my IQ in many fields of study and business but most important in “life” generally.

  7. Personal trainer

    I’m agree with CJ, it’s a cool question..

    you are really a smart guy..

    can i ask you a favor???

    please keep on doing blogs like this..

    thanks for this wonderful blog you shared!

  8. Hi Alexander,

    When you said ‘superior IQ’, what exactly did you mean? Did you mean some sort of all-knowing person in all fields?

    Mike Con

  9. If the normal IQ is around 100-120, a superior IQ must be in the high 100s? If that is the case, would you be “all knowing”? That would be truly awesome!

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