Love / Sick ?

Let’s suppose that somebody falls in love. It has happened to all of us (hopefully) and it is happening everyday, everywhere at any time and any part of this planet.

He/She will him/herself feel extraordinarily optimistic, positive, happy and usually energetic.

His/her friends will name him/her lucky, crazy, mad, gullible or in some cases even numb.

His/her employer will refer to him/her as out-of-mind, distracted, careless or near future unemployed.

A psychiatrist would most possibly diagnose him/her with a mild to severe dependent personality disorder*.

And the question is: what is the truth? who is right and who is not? what is all about that powerful, motivating, subversive and uncontrollable feeling, named Love?

8 thoughts on “Love / Sick ?”

  1. Very sweet, Evangelos!
    But it’s not finished yet, you can’t end a text with a question, I feel deeply unsatisfied. But you will answer them, right? Immediately after your essay 😉

  2. The romantic would argue love is everything..the only thing.. and everything else the lie.

    But he’d be a poet.

    I’d say losing yourself is fine if you lose yourself so blissfully. Perhaps the ugly reality of work and everyday drudgery is the affliction men need to be cured of and protected against and treatment should be wild-abandon classes in shocking pink leotards for the grey type executive, yellow frilly skits and ballet dancing for the scientist, sex with a handsome stranger for the mother and married woman, a bouncy bunny babe for the married guy with too boring a job ..etc..etc.

    Perhaps life is but a dream and love is the ambrosia of the gods to feed us human joy within the limits of our frailty.

    Or we could just jab the social misfit with a heavy does of reality. The headier their lust the more sever their treatment.

    I suppose perspective is everything.

  3. “what is all about that powerful, motivating, subversive and uncontrollable feeling, named Love?”

    Think I, that is a question that nobody wants to answer or probably is an answer that anybody knows and nobody wants to believe…

    Not feel fear of be alone in this universe,
    That is probably the love…


  4. Katherine Linebaugh

    Good morning, Evangelos.
    Love……interesting subject. Reminds me of a Celine Dion song. Since I’m an intensely private person, I won’t explain my personal experiences here. Ultimately, most (arguably all) living things to some degree or another are given choice by some means to create the personal experience humans have dubbed “reality”. Therefore, like other things in this realization we live in, all energy is given this great gift/curse, etc. potential of experiencing “love”. What is love? Like anything else, it’s what you/we make it. lol

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