Subject: The 16 Smartest People on Earth. Dr Katsioulis achieved a recorded IQ 198 and he is reported having one of the highest adult IQ scores.

Publisher: Business Insider
Author: Dina Spector, Shlomo Sprung
Date: 2012/10/23
Location: USA
Language: English
Reference type: Listing
External reference link: Business Insider: The 16 Smartest People on Earth

The World Genius Directory, created by Dr. Jason Betts, is a fluid list of the world’s top mind compiled from certified IQ tests sent in by listees. Betts says his site is the definitive ranking.

The average score on an IQ test is 100. Most people fall within the 85 to 114 range. Any score over 140 is considered a high IQ. A score over 160 is considered a genius IQ.

1. Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis (Greece) IQ 198, sd 15
2. Rick Rosner (USA) IQ 192, sd 15
3. Mislav Predavec (Croatia) IQ 192, sd 15
4. Kenneth Ferrell (USA) IQ 190, sd 15
5. Patrick Zimmerschied (Germany) IQ 178, sd 15
6. Tim Roberts (Australia) IQ 178, sd 15
7. Lee HanKyung (South Korea) IQ 177, sd 15
8. Tadayuki Konno (Japan) IQ 176, sd 15
9. Peter Rodgers (Australia) IQ 175, sd 15
10. Vedran Glisic (Bosnia) IQ 175, sd 15
11. Santanu Sengupta (India) IQ 174, sd 15
12. Marc Nydegger (Switzerland) IQ 171, sd 15
13. Mick Dempsey (UK) IQ 171, sd 15
14. Jorge del Fresno Viejo (Spain) IQ 170, sd 15
15. Gaetano Morelli (Italy) IQ 169, sd 15
16. Ivan Ivec (Croatia) IQ 169, sd 15

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