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intelligence. a highly respected human characteristic, our civilization basis. evolution factor which promotes progress and apocalypses of unknown prospects. a multi-dimensional entity, not yet thoroughly defined. intelligence can be approached as the reasoning and cognitive process, the multiplicity and complexity of a logic-based thinking, as the cognition and perception ability in the ammount of time.

intelligence quotient (iq) is a suggested psychometrical tool defined to practically measure the human intelligence. iq targets the g factor, which is a rather insufficiently described raw intelligence quality. iq tests can be seen as instant and static snapshots of a dynamic, multidimensional totality, named raw intelligence. it is quite obvious that a single photograph cannot comprehensively or thoroughly describe, present and measure any quantity neither quality.

Dr Evangelos Katsioulis (also known as The GrIQ, which refers both to ‘the Greek‘ and IQ) is the founder of the World Intelligence Network (www.IQsociety.org) and three high IQ societies, the CIVIQ High IQ Society (CIV.IQsociety.org), the HELLIQ High IQ society (HELL.IQsociety.org) and the OLYMPIQ High IQ Society (OLYMP.IQsociety.org).

Dr Katsioulis is an active member of more than 60 High IQ societies, a honorary member of 3 High IQ Societies and 2 High IQ Organizations and a Subscriber in 2 High IQ Societies.

Dr Katsioulis took part in two independent genome screening and DNA sequencing studies for highly gifted individuals, which both took place in USA.

Dr Katsioulis presented the World Intelligence Network and the IQID Child IQ Society on the 12th Asia – Pacific conference on Giftedness in July 2012



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