1 thought on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Hiroyuki Akabane

    There are many reminders.
    For example,
    they sleep soundly which are my two dogs.

    Conformation 2015 (TV) from your twitter
    Crime (news) is attracted by delicate apples.
    Delicate apples was already sandwiched by easily inextricable two walls.

    Easily inextricable two walls.
    If someone makes a new wall inside of a wall
    and a dimension or a multistep stage in the wall inside of the wall, the walls change into a wall in the wall with the wall.

    For example,
    Opened a new theater in a town, and a film has been projected. The film includes main part and the making of a film. Although the film is over, and you go to your home, you are still inside of the town.

    Will a hammer for breaking the walls be thrown?

    Many self-assured scientists’ brain are
    Out Of Order Now! :O

    (Haha, CAPTCHA was 8 – eight = 0 this time XD)

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