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Dr Katsioulis has so far taken more than 30 high range IQ tests among the best, most recognized ones.

Some of Evangelos’ best IQ performances are:

On Qoymans Multiple Choice #3 (2003): raw 100/100, ie. IQ 196,  sd 16. the statistical interpretation of this test outcome is that only 1 out of 1,009,976,678 individuals among the unselected population can reach that level of cognitive abilities.

On “Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – Revised” (2003) international contest, organized by the cerebrals iq society: raw score of 49/54. the Rasch analysis equated IQ 205, sd 16. this performance could be achieved by 1 out of 30,938,221,975 individuals taking in consideration the normal distribution of intelligence among the unselected population. the fluid intelligence index score for the same performance shows an IQ 186, sd 16, which is achieved by 1 out of 26,057,620 individuals.

On Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance – I (2003): rasch analysis equated IQ 194, sd 16, which can be achieved by 1 out of 471,441,334 individuals. the fluid index intelligence score for the same test is an IQ 185, sd 16, which can be met only by  1 in 18,457,107 individuals tested.

On Cattell Culture Fair III A+B (2003):  fluid intelligence score disclosed an IQ 181, sd 16, which can be achieved by 1 out of 4,825,216 individuals.

On Bonnardel BLS4-2T (2003) : raw 30/30, which is equivalent to an IQ 180+, sd 16, an intelligence performance reachable by less than 1 in 3,483,046 individuals.

On Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale – Revised (2002): raw 196/200. Full Scale score IQ 150+. Verbal and Performance Scores extrapolated to an IQ 180+, sd 16 (by Dr Xavier Jouve).

In 2003, Evangelos Katsioulis achieved the best performance on the 2003 Cerebrals Society International Non Verbal Cognitive Performance contest with a score of 49 out of 54.

In 2009, Evangelos Katsioulis achieved the best performance on the 2009 Cerebrals Society International contest with a score of 93 out of 100



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