Month: April 2012

Dr Katsioulis on (2012)

Subject: In the (strange) skin of the most intelligent man in the world. Dr Katsioulis achieved a recorded IQ 198 and he is reported having one of the highest adult IQ scores. Publisher: Date: 2012/04/24 Location: France Language: French Reference type: Reportage / Listing External reference link: Dans (l’étrange) peau de l’homme le plus …

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Dr Katsioulis’ interview on The Daily, NY (2012)

Subject: A beautiful, dirty mind. Dr Katsioulis is reported to be the smartest man in the world with a recorded IQ 198. Newspaper: The Daily Journalist: Madeleine Scinto Location: New York, USA Date: 2012/04/23 Language: English Reference type: Interview / Reportage External link: A beautiful, dirty mind ,   A BEAUTIFUL, DIRTY MIND World’s …

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