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     Evangelos Katsioulis
     19 January 1976
     Ioannina, Epirus, Greece
     Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece

Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Medical Doctor (MD)

Online Counselling: PSYCALL.COM, TELETELL.ME

Writer: novels, articles

Screenwriter: ELLHNAS.com (2008), TI PEI (2009)


MD Medical Doctor Diploma (2000)

MSc in Medical Research Technology (2003)

MA in Philosophy (2012)

PhD in Psychopharmacology (2014)


Third place in Maths national contest, Thessaloniki, Greece, 1989

Best performance in Physics, National Final exams, Greece, 1993

Best performance in Cerebrals NVCP-R international contest, 2003

Best performance in Cerebrals international contest, 2009


IQ 205 , sd 16, NVCP-R [Rasch equated raw 49/54] • 2002

IQ 196 , sd 16, Qoymans Multiple Choice #3 [ceiling] • 2003

IQ 192 , sd 16, NVCP-E [Rasch equated raw 35/40] • 2002

IQ 186 , sd 16, NVCP-R [Fluid Intelligence Index Score] • 2002

IQ 183 , sd 16, NVCP-E [Fluid Intelligence Index Score] • 2002

IQ 183 , sd 16, Cattell Culture Fair III A+B [ceiling-1] • 2003

IQ 180+ sd 16, Bonnardel BLS4 – 2T [ceiling] • 2003

IQ 180+ sd 16, WAIS-R [extrapolated full scale] • 2002


60+ High IQ Societies memberships (inc. GIGA and ESOTERIQ societies)

Founder of the World Intelligence Network (WIN)

Founder of the OLYMPIQ, HELLIQ, CIVIQ, GRIQ, QIQ, IQID and GREEK High IQ Societies

     Founder of AAAA.GR (Anadeixi Academy of Abilities Assessment)

Psychiatry: lifetime goal to find out what is soul, what is it that it is not seen?

Philosophy: inspired by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Goethe, Nietzsche, Spinoza, Kant, Descartes,

Literature, Intelligence, Psychology, Self-Analysis, Photography


Mental activities: Writing: novels, scripts, articles, painting

Web activities: NAMANIC.com (Web Advertisement Services)

Physical activities: sports (basketball, swimming, diving, tennis), traveling


You can make dreams come true



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